Fenlake Fishery is a family run business!

We have two lakes -

- Fenlake is a 20 peg pleasure and match lake

- Meg lake is a 19 peg pleasure lake


Adult - £6.00

Child - £4.00

Match Pegs - £7.00

Metheringham village is a 3 minute walk away.

It has four pubs, two chip shops, Chinese takeaway, Indian restaurant, pizza shop, CO-OP, petrol station and numerous other small businesses.

Metheringham train station is 10 minute walking distance, and offers a great day out to Lincoln.

Open return train tickets to Lincoln are less than £5.00.


Fenlake fishery

Fen Lane




Contact Karen on 07833 753392

or email [email protected]

Opening Hours

Summer hours - 7am -7pm

Winter hours - 8am - 4pm

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